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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mati tgh jalan

im so nervous while driving!
afraid when some1 hon me when my car stopped in the middle of the road
s**t how i want to be a good driver cmnieee

alamatnye kena bawak auto je la aq nie :(
but i need to practice more and more till i am pro
yeaahhh..but bile lak tu en??

today my lil sis sulking
im not in the mood when she asked me
i hate when my lil sis merajuk
its not the big deal
dah la bru balik dr penang dah nk merajuk
lolzzz laaaa -___-

headache headache headache
when i wake up i got dizzy
so my body became lazy
last3 keja tido jeee

actually im bored here..
let sing a song n make it loud babe xD

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