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Thursday, January 10, 2013

need to start my english practice back

main purpose of having a blog??
its kindda simple answer.some people like to share their stories.some people want to improve their writing skills,their skill in sharing an information and so on.
so do i!i would love to share a stories but its not a good may be a story of what is/are come across through out my daily day.

the most important thing now,i have to enhance my English.i was dreaming to tertiary study at oversea.i already met the agent from JMECC.the agent's name is MIA!she's look so gorgeous and it is really comfortable having a discussion with her.

i hope my dream could turn to reality but i need to do a lot of thingy before going there!

1st step is: get a MARA loan or any SCHOLORSHIP =.=
tricky and risky part.either you will be entertain by them or not.

then,lets hope my 1st step turn out to be colorful :) -amin-
if it turn to be black,who's know their future in front.sometime the things that we really possessed not every of it hold goods in it.we just not know,we as a His creature have to believe in His qada' :)

peace be upon you and salam maghrib ^^

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

thepoplook guys!

yeay nk share one of my fav online wardrobe!announcing!OMG the dress sngt3 cute and really drive me crazy <3 the price also affordable and tak la mahal sngt.sesuai dgn jenis kain dan baju :)

just bought 2 tops from this site and its really awesome!check it out and im never wear it out yet since im not type of person yg fanatik with fashion but heah!u r going to be 21 y's old mayam!u should put some fashion on i will ^^

1st blouse : Elliot Blouse - Teal Box 
elliot blouse-teal box
 this is how it look when the model wear the tops,comel kn??lengan die mcm princess punyer baju.hahaks :)

me wearing the blouse *testing* :)

this is how it look alike when im the one wearing that blouse.dh la kurus =.= tp kan this is the 1st time im bought this kind of,nk try pkai kt luar and tgk expression orng rmai :)

2nd blouse: Aliya Tunic - Black 
aliya tunic-black colour

the 2nd one nie nmpk biase je sbb mmg tringin pkai baju cmnie :) but after put it on my body it really suit with me even though die besar tp oke la dgn orng kurus.actually orng kurus better pkai baju besar3 lg nmpk cantik <3

so,the next hunting ----------------> Chiffon Maxi Dress - Brown/Blush

chiffon maxi dress-brownnish
 the next target is this dress but the item was sold out,so kena tnggu thepoplook restock it back!bnyk yg akan direstock by the end of this,girls out there.check it out and grab the item you love while it is available sbb bile dh sold out nk tnggu restock kang lambt lak :))

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

new sem and bubye diploma!

yea,nex week gonna be my last sem dor diploma :) 
alahai bru diploma cik adik oi ang belom lg msok degree :(
but,its oke,kumpul duit sikit3 lame jdik bukit en??
so mcm tu la kite yg blaja nie,bak kate kawan3 kt penang,pelan3 kayuh yam.haha :)
kate3 ko hisyam makmur mmg xkn aq lupekn ;D
lari tajuk lak ngn peribahase tu..wat i mean,we need to be patient otherwise there is nothing we can achieve.
for almost 3 years in diploma UiTM penang,a lot of fun,memories neither happy or sorrow have been gathered ^_____^

jom tgk all the picca yg dah terkumpol since i went there,tp gmba part 1 till part 4 dh ilang laa,hardisk laptop uat hal!abes gmba oden :(

*uptown k dowtown* with the gorgeous ladies :)

mira,mayam,ada,pnut <3

kt tgh3 jalan pon boleh begmba ;D

mereka yg power! ^-*

with the powermans ;D

smngt je drng bile amek gmba :)

alahai der,amad pale besar benor :P

anugrh dekan with the FKE DEAN,sape tah name die*sorry* :)

with the sweet couple lecture :)

electrical's family

ni la lelaki3 yg hingarkn suasana :)

we are a big happy family!haha

smileeeee ^____*

bowling with them <3

PDO entrepreneurship day!

sugar glider!!nk satuuuuu!cumil gilerrr n____n

cik salwa yg comel :)

my amni liyana,soon will be my girl's name*sorry amni curik!* :)

my lovely frends yg slalu tlng sy dlm ssh dn sng,nk pjm LC ika leh ;D

our victory!no 1 kot!HYPER WORLD ENT :)

couple yg malu3 kucing :P

happy yg komee :)

blaja smbil bergmba seketika ^_^

iya,die nie pnh suke bf sy kot dulu n___n

our project simulation,alhdulillah lps doakan tok fyp 2 lak :)

ika syamira,sy syg die! :)

bila ika dh mls nk buat kerja sbb die nie rajin benor uat tutor kkdng 3 kali kot dibuatnyee!

b4 the entreprenuership day,alhmdulillah our effort be blessed :)

konvoi k rumah pnut,kami ni miskin keta xde so moto je la :)

begini la bile ramai3 dh mule interframe dlm gmba :)

alang punyer trademark :)

nice shot :)

ladies <__>

besarnye mate hisyam! ;D

mak datin atin :)

dlm toilet pon boleh :P

shopping!pasni xleh dh nk kmpol duit nk kawen :)

snggop kk berlari3 tok kerja bini tercinta :)

mereka nie la yg rajin teman sy bershopping :)
huh!pntnyee bnyk benor gmba dlm entry nie mane pnh mayam upload gmba sbnyk niee ^___^
so,this is my sweet memory with them mase part 5
since nex sem our last sem,jom grab a lot of picca together krng!pasnie xsure lak kite deg kt mane :(
btw,krng mmg "terbaik" :)

thanx krng n gud luck! <3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

kekejaman manusia,mane pergi nye our humanitarian??

Subject: Denmark, What a Shame


While it may seem liar even today continues to be made this time of year BRUTAL, Dantesque, bloody slaughter in the Faroe Islands, which belong to Denmark. A country supposedly 'civilization' AND EUROPEAN UNION country. For many people this attack to life is unknown , to sensitivity. IN THIS bloody slaughter to attend Moz to 'show' entering adulthood (!) Is absolutely incredible that no one does ANYTHING to prevent this barbarism that are committed against Calderon, an intelligent dolphin who has the particularity of approaching People out of sheer curiosity. fwd this everywhere, PLEASE.

Pass it on to your friends around the world! It is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

Make Denmark STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 1

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 2

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 4

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 5

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 6

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 7

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 8

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 9

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 11

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter 10

kenape perlu begini??
more details :
Every year, hundreds of Long-finned Pilot Whales are killed in such slaughters. The hunts are non-commercial and anyone in the island communities can join in at will. When a school of whales is spotted close to shore, messengers are dispatched to inform local inhabitants of the particular island involved. A formation of small boats is then used to drive the whales ashore, where they beach themselves in the shallow water and are killed by waiting islanders. A special whaling knife is used to sever the animal's spine near the dorsal fin

Information on a Faroe Islands website about whaling in the province describes the killing process:
Men gather on the shore to kill the beached whales. Ideally, most of the whales will strand far enough up on shore that it is unnecessary to secure them. However, those remaining in the shallows must be secured and hauled closer. Traditionally, this is done by driving a steel hook, or gaff, with a rope attached to it into the back of the whale. A new blunt hook inserted into an airsac in the whale’s blowhole has now been widely tested in practice and it is hoped that this new equipment may eventually replace the traditional gaff as the standard method for securing whales. The whale is killed using a sharp knife to cut down to sever the spinal cord, which also severs the major blood supply to the brain, ensuring both the loss of consciousness and death within seconds.

ya ALLAH,kejamnye kite manusia..sedangkan Allah ciptakn kite untuk mengi'marafkn dunia malangnye kite membinasakn dunia..jgn la jdik seperti DERNMARK ini..

xsalah rase nye untuk dolphin tu menghapiri tempat mereke,sedihnye =.=