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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

im sorry

dont know what to say
nk yelling jap!
bru kantoi tok da first time
but,it make me sick actually..
but i know,it all my fault..
not him or anyone else

im sorry tan if ur trust on me down bcoz of that thing
but,i really love u..
i do syg..
mayam hrp mayam leh bring back the trust
n i need u to believe me tan..

im not going to let u go or trying to get away frm u..
so,please trust me like before
we used with that rite?

sorry for being foolish writing this on my blog
but,im just need to release it
i cant say it face to face with u
its hard to come out

tan,mayam syg tan smpai bile3,tan nyawa mayam
mayam harap when n read this u will know how much i love u dear..

mayam tahu tan marah but tan xtunjuk depan mayam
mayam knl tan..
thanx tan n thanx x uat smting fool n bg mayam explain even xkukuh i guess
but,i promise it wont happen again
this the first n will be the last

tan,mayam syg tan ketat3!
sorry guys cm jiwang.. :)

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