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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


long time no see blog
july going to hide itself
so,august is trying to show off itself
i hope,august will be a blast month fr me :)

last few days,a lot of things happened but it came suddenly
tup tup,i managed to faced it strongly
with my family,bf n housemate around me

hehehe,should i get marry on 21 years??
in ISLAM,marriage is a good thing where men n women become one soul
but,isn't too early??

my sis called me,she said last day a girl have been "terlanjur"
but die nk saman bf die sedangkan drng uat suka same suke
so,she advised me if tan really for me,so speak out the intention to ayah.
but,its not easy la sis..

we younger n my life is too long
i need to study,but at the same time i agreed with her
if nk prevent menda yg xelok which maksiat,
better kawen awl..sbb t effect kt hidop kitee
same je if study tnggi still uat menda cmt
ruin jugak en future

so,think wisely mayam :)

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