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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

thepoplook guys!

yeay nk share one of my fav online wardrobe!announcing!OMG the dress sngt3 cute and really drive me crazy <3 the price also affordable and tak la mahal sngt.sesuai dgn jenis kain dan baju :)

just bought 2 tops from this site and its really awesome!check it out and im never wear it out yet since im not type of person yg fanatik with fashion but heah!u r going to be 21 y's old mayam!u should put some fashion on i will ^^

1st blouse : Elliot Blouse - Teal Box 
elliot blouse-teal box
 this is how it look when the model wear the tops,comel kn??lengan die mcm princess punyer baju.hahaks :)

me wearing the blouse *testing* :)

this is how it look alike when im the one wearing that blouse.dh la kurus =.= tp kan this is the 1st time im bought this kind of,nk try pkai kt luar and tgk expression orng rmai :)

2nd blouse: Aliya Tunic - Black 
aliya tunic-black colour

the 2nd one nie nmpk biase je sbb mmg tringin pkai baju cmnie :) but after put it on my body it really suit with me even though die besar tp oke la dgn orng kurus.actually orng kurus better pkai baju besar3 lg nmpk cantik <3

so,the next hunting ----------------> Chiffon Maxi Dress - Brown/Blush

chiffon maxi dress-brownnish
 the next target is this dress but the item was sold out,so kena tnggu thepoplook restock it back!bnyk yg akan direstock by the end of this,girls out there.check it out and grab the item you love while it is available sbb bile dh sold out nk tnggu restock kang lambt lak :))

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  1. Hi, i ada jual dress yg mcm you carik tu... tp green color... boleh tgk dkt sini