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Thursday, January 10, 2013

need to start my english practice back

main purpose of having a blog??
its kindda simple answer.some people like to share their stories.some people want to improve their writing skills,their skill in sharing an information and so on.
so do i!i would love to share a stories but its not a good may be a story of what is/are come across through out my daily day.

the most important thing now,i have to enhance my English.i was dreaming to tertiary study at oversea.i already met the agent from JMECC.the agent's name is MIA!she's look so gorgeous and it is really comfortable having a discussion with her.

i hope my dream could turn to reality but i need to do a lot of thingy before going there!

1st step is: get a MARA loan or any SCHOLORSHIP =.=
tricky and risky part.either you will be entertain by them or not.

then,lets hope my 1st step turn out to be colorful :) -amin-
if it turn to be black,who's know their future in front.sometime the things that we really possessed not every of it hold goods in it.we just not know,we as a His creature have to believe in His qada' :)

peace be upon you and salam maghrib ^^

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